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Luna Mini 2 - Pearl Pink

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    Created to present solutions for all skin types, this is a waterproof device that deeply cleanses for a younger-looking complexion without obstructing your existing skincare regimen.

    A radical approach indeed, this combines T-Sonic™ pulsations to effectively purify the skin with a non-abrasive silicone brush that remains gentle on the face.


    • Has a bigger brush compared to Luna mini, which enables larger coverage of skin for more efficient cleansing in the same amount of time
    • Features ultra-long touch-points, specifically 26 percent longer than the Luna mini, for more flexibility when the touch-points make contact with the skin to prevent overstretching, as well as reach areas that are typically hard to cleanse
    • Includes eight intensity settings that completely customise the cleansing routine based on your comfort preferences
    • Features a new motor that is twice as powerful as the Luna mini, the T-Sonic pulsations, which dislodge more impurities from the pores, providing deeper cleansing while still remaining gentle on the skin

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    • Use twice daily; for two minutes each time
    • Use product with any cleanser (except clay-based, silicone-based, or grainy cleansers, exfoliators, or scrubs)
    • Turn on, apply the cleanser on the wet brush surface and cleanse face
    • Rinse off
    • Reverse, and apply the anti-ageing surface to wrinkle-prone areas

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1 review


In comparison to my clarisonic this has done wonders for my skin. I can finally use balm cleansers and feel like they're really sinking into my skin. I'm very dry and sensitive and the little plastic bristles are very comfortable on my face. The mini size is definitely big enough, wouldn't need to get the bigger version. 

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