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Koh Gen Do

Macro Vintage Essence Mask

6 Sheets

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    Every skin type needs adequate moisture to look great and resist the breakdown that leads to wrinkles and dullness. The unique Moisturizing Skin Ingredients of this mask increase immunity and boost regenerating and anti-oxidizing powers by calming the skin and preventing hydration from being lost. When the essence mask is applied, a ‘velvety layer’ forms between skin and the mask, sealing in the ingredients and ensuring they permeate the skin’s deeper layers leaving you with soft, hydrated and youthful skin.


    • Moisturizing Skin Ingredients
    • Strengthens skin and increases it’s immunity
    • Encourages skin regeneration

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1 review

This Mask was Packed with Essence

When I put it on my face, it felt really soothing. The mask fit my face well and stayed put even though I was walking around alternately trying to scare/entertain my children and get some housework done. As a consequence, I left it on for much longer than the prescribed time, and I could tell the essence was well absorbed into my skin and I looked visibly plumper afterwards.

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