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All You Need To Know About Foundations

The search for the perfect foundation can be tedious and time consuming. With all the endless options out there - from sheer to full coverage foundation, liquid foundation to powder - it's no wonder finding the perfect foundation doesn't come easy. There is so much to try. To make things a whole lot simpler, here is quick guide to get you started on the right track to your most flawless complexion yet.

Best Foundation for Dry Skin: For skin types that are typically parched, finding a foundation that doesn't strip away hydration is a must. Many foundations for dry skin today contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound that helps skin maintain a healthy moisture balance. Hydrating and illuminating foundations do wonders for dry skin, leaving you with a fresh, dewy finish. Use a liquid or cream foundation packed with nutrient-rich oils, rather than powder foundation, which could irritate dry areas and absorb essential moisture away. If you’ve got dry skin but want to try a matte foundation, always exfoliate beforehand, moisturise well and use a hydrating primer to keep the foundation from looking dry or cakey.

Best Foundation for Oily Skin: A common misconception people have: ”I don’t need to moisturise if I have oily skin.” Excessive oil production shouldn’t be confused with hydration. In fact, if your skin’s lacking hydration, it’ll compensate by producing more oil, resulting in oily skin! Get out of this vicious cycle by using a moisturiser with the correct ingredients for your skin type, like hyaluronic acid, which’ll help your skin retain moisture better. If you have shiny skin, the best foundation for oily skin is typically oil-free and mattifying. Look for either pressed powder or a cream foundation, which can help minimize the appearance of pores and absorb excess oil to keep it from surfacing. Mattifying foundations will keep you looking fresh for longer and are the most long-wearing option. If you aren’t a fan of a matte finish, you can still rock natural-finish or dewy foundations with the help of a mattifying primer and setting powder.

Best Foundation for Combination Skin: If you’ve got an oily T-zone but experience dryness in other areas, then you’ve got combination skin. Foundations with a more natural or semi-matte finish will work for you. For best results, balance out your complexion before you apply your foundation by applying a mattifying primer in your T-zone and a hydrating one where you get dry.

Best Foundation Brush: Once you've found your perfect foundation, make sure you get the best wear out of it by keeping your foundation brush clean. It's OK to apply some foundations with your fingers in a pinch, but you'll get the best, most seamless coverage with a foundation brush. Wash it regularly to prevent the transfer of bacteria from brush to skin.

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