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Dry Shampoo| Sephora Philippines

When it comes to choosing between getting your hair nicely scrubbed out for the day, and sleeping in an extra twenty minutes, it can be a difficult dilemma for most. On some days you want to have the luxury of both clean hair and extra sleep, so what should one do? The solution these days would be to invest in a bottle of dry shampoo!

The benefit of dry shampoo is that it can absorb oil, clean out your hair, and leave it smelling fresh, without the hassle of going through the wash. Simply divide your hair into a few sections, and spritz dry shampoo from root to tip for a quick and effective cleanse.

A great product to have in your bathtime regime, dry shampoos can be found on Sephora for your easy purchase. Choose between Sephora Collection and Phil Smith for a dry shampoo of your choice.

Besides dry shampoo, you can also find regular shampoos and conditioners for all hair types, from coloured to curly, and dry to thinning locks. Make an online purchase on Sephora Philippines now, and have your brand new product delivered to your doorstep!

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