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Makeup in Philippines

Makeup serves to draw out and accentuate the unique facial features of each person. The precise combination of colours, lines and technique can dramatically transform one person into a totally different one in just minutes. But the question still remains for every woman, especially for the kikay ones. What is the best makeup available for me?

Sephora has found an answer to this question by pulling together a growing number of global brands that offer quality makeup at very reasonable prices. They all have their own unique formula that is proven safe and easy to use, making them very popular among beginners and professionals. Whatever kind of product you’re looking for, Sephora’s comprehensive portfolio guarantees something specific and appropriate for your requirement.

Foundation and concealers are basic items you might need from time to time. Our Brands have their own versions which all create smooth and flawless coverage on your skin. Whether it’s liquid form like the Complexion Correcting Mousse Foundation or the pressed powder type like the Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant, these products ultimately give skin the perfect finish and exact skin tone to make you radiate naturally.

For the eyes ModelCo, DuWop and Make Up Store have a broad spectrum of eyeshadows to suit your own style and preference. They offer brilliant and dramatic colours that can be mixed and matched easily by anyone. Basic palettes like Quad Royale, Eye Shadow Trio Palette and Meet Matt(e) Nude offer a convenient selection of shades that suit all types without being limited in creating combinations. Meanwhile, professionals would desire bolder and more intense shades such as those in the i-Divine series from Sleek MakeUP which are full of bright colours that allow maximum creativity and styling possibilities.

To add definition and depth to the eyes, mascara and eyeliner do the trick. 3CE, Sigma Beauty and ZOEVA provide you with a handful of products you need to accentuate and frame your eyes. The Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner, Gel Eyeliner, Flick It and Mega Impact Mascara are expertly made products that easily create clean lines and enhance the fullness of lashes, respectively. They make for a perfect complement to your eyeshadow for a chic and modern look.

Express more of your character with lips that burst with colour and shine with lipstick and gloss from Red Burlesque. These brands offer impeccable colour payoff and lasting coverage that stay as long as you do. The Noir Collection Lipstick, MegaLast Liquid Lip Color and Lola Frost have their own distinct shades which not only add colour, but also moisturise for luscious and enticing lips every time.

Begin to explore Sephora for more exciting makeup products to add to your current stash. You can never have too much of a good thing so start treating yourself with new makeup to spice up or reinvent your look. Everything is done online so fill your cart with everything you need and it will be shipped right away. No frills, no hassle. Just genuine customer service that you will surely admire.

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