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Experience Hollywood eyebrow shaping with Joey Healy, one of the most influential and sought-after eyebrow specialists in the beauty industry. His eponymous trendsetting collection of cosmetics merged with revolutionary technology made it the world famous brand that it is today.

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Joey Healy | Sephora Philippines

Are your brows living up to their full potential? A strong, perfectly groomed brow has the power to change your whole facial appearance. Nobody knows this better than Joey Healy!

Joey Healy: the 411

Joey Healy a professional eyebrow stylist, makeup artist and licenced esthetician is one talented man. In 2009 he started his own eyebrow styling division and launched his self-titled eyebrow collection in 2011. His styling methods and products have helped countless people step-up their brow game. If you can’t get the styling from Joey Healy himself (he has his own private studio on Fifth Avenue where he creates perfect brows on a string of A-Listers and for beauty industry heavyweights like Vogue, ELLE, and Allure magazines to name just a few) you can at least use his own products, available right here on Sephora.


Do names like Cara, Brooke, and Audrey spark some serious brow jealousy? Get beautiful brows with the following advice from the brow master himself.

1. Brows should start at the bridge of the nose. Use a brush as a guide to find the spot aligned above your nostril (not the outer edge of your nose!).

2. Brow arches are two-thirds of the way out and NEVER in the middle.

3. The brow’s “tail” should not end lower than where the brow began and should be extended to the outer corner of the eyes at least.

If you've spent years plucking or waxing your brows too severely, don't worry, we've got your back! Here's what to do:

- Grow, Grow, Grow: Start by using JOEY HEALY’S Brow Renovation Serum which has a formula rich in pentapeptides, glycosaminoglycans, and hyaluronic acid to speed up the growing process. Added vitamins work to hydrate and strengthen hairs and with everyday use, you can see results in just two to three weeks!

- Shape It or Leave It: Know which areas need to be shaped and which need to be left to grow in. This may require some professional advice or some really good observational skills on your part and (especially if you’ve been a plucker your whole life) a lot of restraint.

- Fill Patchy Areas with Brow Powder: Key word here is brow. Don't use eye shadow powder; brow powder is designed to sit on the skin behind the hairs to make brows look more dense. Choose a JOEY HEALY Luxe Brow Powder that suits you best and make sure to use a great brush JOEY HEALY’S Duo Brow Brush. It's a must-have to perfectly apply the product and get a natural finish.

- Sketch: When using an eyebrow pencil, draw with quick strokes and NEVER use harsh, solid lines.

- Brush Downward: Combing the brow hairs downward with a stiffly bristled brush will blend the pencil’s color and make the brows look more natural because the eye cannot distinguish which lines are real and which are fake.

- Get a Statement Brow: Or “Cara Power Brows"" as they’re commonly called. These babies so popular that they are expected to have been the cause for an international drop in tweezer sales! Follow Joey’s golden rules and play up your brows with brow powder. Be Brave and Bold: Just like eye makeup, you can go for a bolder look at night. Emphasize your brows even more by using JOEY HEALY’s High Rise highlighter just below your brow's arch the creamy and highly pigmented highlighter will accentuate bone structure and give you that extra lift. It can also be used under the eye to hide dark shadows and on your Cupid’s bow to make your lips look fuller! Groom: JOEY HEALY’s Brow Structure Clear Set’s water-resistant, flake-free formula will set hairs in place without ruining the work you've done with your brow powders or a brow pencil.

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