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Founded in 2007, Luscious Cosmetics offers cutting-edge makeup with ultra modern formulas and glamorous packaging. Each is made with skin-friendly ingredients and pack a punch with exceptionally gorgeous pigments.

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Luscious Cosmetics | Sephora Philippines

Having a reliable and complete set of makeup can do a great deal in achieving any possible look. Whether its for the eyes, lips and face, these items must be made with quality ingredients to ensure you are looking fabulous and flawless for hours.

Luscious Cosmetics provides an eclectic and impressive makeup collection to suit all your requirements. This brand has everything covered to provide you with a whole range of different styles regardless of your level of expertise. Beginners will be particularly interested in the simplicity of products while professionals will marvel at the possible combinations one can achieve. All of Luscious’ products are also proven safe for daily use, being made from high-calibre pigments that do not harm the skin.

To ensure that your face is the perfect canvass to put on makeup, Luscious offers Flawless Finish Powder Foundation, and High Definition Mineral Foundation. These products create complete coverage by smoothing the skin surface and filling in any imperfections. Meanwhile, Studio Secret Instant Brightening Concealer does an excellent job in correcting uneven skin tone and hiding stubborn dark spots. Having these makeup essentials in your collection is a surefire way in getting that natural and subtle glow on your face.

When it comes to drawing attention to the eyes, the combination of eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner must be in balance. Luscious makes this easy for beginners and pros alike by providing a palette of matching shades and suggested items for any possible look. I Love Eyeshadow Palette and Ather Shahzad Master Makeup offers a full spectrum of colours that allows anyone to create their own unique combination. The unique yet easily blendable shades make them suitable for newbies while not being limited for pros. Should you want more length and volume to your lashes, Incredible Lash Mascara and Curl Addict Mascara do just the right job. These products are formulated with a smooth and creamy consistency that creates noticeable volume on your lashes without clumping or spidering. To add depth to your entire makeup, you can use Bold Intense Eyeliner Pencil, Catwalk Waterproof Eyeliner or Artist Ink Waterproof Gel Eyeliner. Each one provides a unique effect to your eyes in different ways with their own long-staying and highly pigmented formula.

Flank your eyes with Luscious’ own lip products for a juicy and gorgeous pout. Signature Lipstick, Super Moisturizing Lipstick and Double Dazzle Gloss provide you with that necessary hint of colour and sheen to top off your look. The perfect blend of colour and moisture give your lips outstanding colour payoff that lasts as long as you do. No need to reapply and waste products, as you only need a little to have exceptional results all the time.

Of course, all these makeup must be applied by using only the best tools for accuracy and perfection. The Essential Brush Set and Deluxe Diva Brush Set offer a simple and convenient solution to create many different looks. These collections of fine brushes are crafted with high quality bristle fibres and are designed for makeup professionals and beginners. There’s no need to fret about how to use them, as they do all the work for you with their smooth and steady glide.

More of Luscious Cosmetics can be found right here in Sephora, where great products meet great prices. Choose anything from your liking and in just a couple of days your products will be right where you want them. With fast and hassle-free service, Sephora is the ultimate destination for quality skincare and beauty products.

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