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Not Soap, Radio

For the founders of Not Soap, Radio, the punchline of an inside joke grew into something much bigger. The quirky label features a large, decadent range of bath and body products packaged in bright colours with witty names that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face—and make bathtime a real blast. With everything from moisturising lotions to exfoliating scrubs, there’s something for everyone.

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Not Soap, Radio | Sephora Philippines

Often when a person is asked for what they look for in a partner, they say: “My perfect match would be someone who (insert long list of idealistic expectations)…. And most importantly they must be able to make me laugh!” Well, what about what you look for in a product- body wash, for example? Obviously it must smell great, be full of lovely, enriching ingredients (and non of the harmful ones!), have recyclable packaging and not be tested on animals. What would you say if there there are products that are all these things AND funny! (Well, not the products personally, but the packaging). This and the fact that the product is customized for whatever mood you are in or to help you deal with a specific problem (Example: use the 'Caresses not Carbs' body lotion when you need some diet perseverance). I’d say you found yourself a perfect product match!

HOLLYWOOD-based and Hilarious

First off, let’s address the Hollywood brand’s name. “No Soap… Radio” is a phrase used as a punchline to a pointless joke and is used to play a joke on someone. For example: beauty blender Zoeva blending brush walk into a bar... What did they both order? No soap, radio!"" Basically, a group of people decide in advance to laugh at the joke without telling one person. The aim is to see if the poor, innocent victim will laugh along (so as to not make it seem like they're the only person who didn't get it). If they do, then everyone would stop laughing and ask the victim why the joke's funny. Of course then everyone laughs at the victim trying to find meaning in the nonsensical joke.

Personalized Presents

No need to buy a gift AND a card- Not Soap, Radio has it all in one with their 'Say it With Suds' range of lip balms and bubble baths. The lip balm goes on clear and Not Soap, Radio plays around with citrus, candy and fruit flavors (as a result flavors can vary from batch to batch). Additionally, the Birthday lip balm tastes like cake and the Teacher lip balm tastes like apple!

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