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Susanne Kaufmann is about a holistic skincare line of high quality, natural skin care products and cosmetics. Together with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists, it develops skin treatments made with active Alpine ingredients and precious natural ingredients.

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Susanne Kaufmann | Sephora Philippines

Want to learn more about the natural, holistic care brand that was developed in the Alps? SUSANNE KAUFFMAN's organic treats are now available on Sephora! Learn more about this awesome new brand and what it can do for you.

Alpine Flora and Natural Ingredients

Plants that grow in the Alps experience a harsh climate and are subjected to extremely low temperatures, dryness and very short growing seasons. These conditions lead to many alpine plants adapting in order survive; many becoming hardy and resilient to do so. It's no surprise that many of these plants possess care-giving and nutrient-rich properties. SUSANNE KAUFFMN uses only the purest herbal extracts, essential oils and flower essences to create her products and today, SUSANNE KAUFMANN's line of organic treats has grown to include over 60 products.

Safe and Environmentally Conscious

SUSANNE KAUFMANN focusses on organic and sustainable harvesting of their ingredients and all products are free of unnatural preservatives, dyes and harmful ingredients. Products are made in small batches, packaged in glass and labelled by hand. The time and care that goes into the creation of each SUSANNE KAUFFMAN product makes them stand out among other brands on the market which are mass-produced.

Who is Susanne Kaufmann?

Susanne Kaufmann is an Austrian hotelier who realised her dream for creating an organic skin and body care brand whilst working in the Susanne Kauffman spa in Hotel Post Bezau. All the way from the the Bregenzer Forest (a special valley located in the Alps) Susanne Kaufmann grew up learning and appreciating the value and treatment properties of the Alpine flora - knowledge about it's use being passed down from generation to generation in the area.

This knowledge was instilled in Susanne Kaufmann from a very early age. Even as a child, she would accompany her grandmother on walks and search for native herbs and plants and then help her create natural remedies and ointments with them. In 2003, SUSANNE KAUFMANN decided to take her traditional understanding of these plants and develop them (with an accomplished team of pharmacists and dermatologists) into modern high-quality products.


- Cleansing Milk

This product is especially wonderful for all you lovely ladies who have dry and sensitive skin. Its incredibly mild and pH neutral formula cleans the skin super effectively (removing dirt and excess oils as well as makeup and foundation!) while being very gentle on the skin. SUSANNE KAUFMANN's Cleansing Milk does all of this without drying the skin out and destroying the skin's natural protective layer (like many, harsher facial cleansing products on the market). It's also completely bio-degradable and made with nourishing ingredients like rosehip oil and sage extracts. Apply morning and evening in circular motions and leave for two to three minutes before rinsing off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

- Face Oil Balancing

With high-potency antioxidants and natural oils and extracts, this product is your key to achieving radiant and smooth skin! This facial oil will soothe and calm the skin, balancing its natural oils to prevent breakouts and keeps the skin deeply moisturised and soft - even preventing the onset of signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Massage a few drops of oil to your face while it's still slightly wet after cleansing and feel your skin become velvety smooth after just a few uses. With apricot kernel extract, carrot root extract, macadamia seed oil, sesame seed oil, pomegranate seed oil,broccoli seed oil, and olive fruit oil (to name a few ingredients) this oil is basically a nutrient-rich fresh-pressed juice for your skin. And remember, what we put onto our skin is absorbed - so it's always important to make sure you're putting

- Healing Earth Mask

Does your skin feel like it could use a deep clean? This product might be just what it needs. It's an intensive cleanser that works deep into the skin to remove any impurities left after regular cleansing. It sounds like quite an invasive and harsh process, but this Healing Earth Mask does all of this without drying the skin out. Instead, it will help you to achieve a clearer, smoother (yay for gentle exfoliation!) and more radiant complexion. Made with only the purest of natural ingredients (like honey, aloe vera extract powder, bees wax, and cucumber extract) this nutrient rich deep cleanser is suitable for all skin types and can be used on the face, neck and back - just be sure to avoid the area around the eyes as this skin is often extra sensitive!

Natural and Potent

If you're looking for skin-specific skin and body care products that are rich in nutrients, potent and most of all results-orientated, try SUSANNE KAUFMANN. You can shop her line of organic treats right here at Sephora today.

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